What We Do

Krida Legal stands out as a passionate and dynamic legal team with a strong emphasis on niche areas of sports, gaming and entertainment along with intellectual property laws. We’ve earned our reputation by serving a wide range of clients, including professional sports leagues, athletes, media houses, and gaming industry clients, both domestically and internationally. Our extensive legal expertise spans a multitude of facets, covering issues like anti-doping regulations, contract negotiation, trademark protection, and intellectual property management. This breadth of services reflects our in-depth understanding of the rapidly evolving gaming industry and its convergence with sectors like gambling, social gaming, media, and sports. Clients value us not only for our legal knowledge, but also our deep understanding of industry-specific laws, making us a trusted choice for tailored, practical, and effective legal solutions.

Krida Legal's reach extends even further into the realm of intellectual property rights, technology, and media laws. Our specialization in these areas benefits clients in diverse sectors, from sports and entertainment to fashion, e-commerce, and hospitality. We play a crucial role in safeguarding innovations, creative works, and brand goodwill. The firm adopts a technology-driven approach, cultivating a "paperless" culture in our practice, which streamlines processes and reduces turnaround times. Through an extensive network of international lawyers and law firms, we provide integrated filing, prosecution, opposition and litigation support across various jurisdictions, offering clients comprehensive protection for their intellectual property rights. In a dynamic legal landscape, our dedication to staying ahead of the curve makes us a valuable partner for clients seeking specialized legal counsel and practical solutions.