Fashion & Luxury

Fashion & Luxury is amongst the leading practice areas at Krida Legal. Our team provides unique and innovative legal and compliance solutions, which are bespoke to the client’s requirements.

We help our clients in recognizing, protecting, and exploiting their rights and interest by providing the following services:

• Obtaining Trademark, Copyright and Designs registration.

• Licensing, Assignments and Franchise Agreements.

• Manufacturer, Vendor, Supplier and Distribution Agreements.

• Agreements relating to Modelling, Celebrity endorsements, Advertisement and Marketing.

• Agreements relating to Employment, Independent Contractors, Non-Disclosure Obligations and Confidentiality.

• Obtaining Statutory licenses required under labour laws, label, and packaging laws etc.

• Litigation and Disputes including Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting actions, Infringement suits, Product liability and Consumer complaints, Cease, Desist and Takedown notices.

Krida Legal represents some of the major fashion and apparel brands, cosmetic manufacturing industry, fashion labels and designers.