Pro Bono

The mere thought and ability to help means nothing if its bereft of time and action undertaken for the same. At Krida Legal, we are committed to supporting the society by widening access to justice, education, and finance. We collaborate with clients, NGOs, and charities to deliver community outreach and pro bono services with partner-led and client-focused teams.

Our global community outreach and pro bono strategy focuses on providing the best possible support to those in need. At the same time, we take pride in expanding the capabilities of our people and strengthening relationships, partnerships, and collaborations. We believe that pro-bono is time well spent. At Krida Legal, all of our people, at all levels are encouraged to grab opportunities to practise and enhance the skills that are key to their development, making them more effective and well-rounded for the betterment of society at large.

One way we measure the impact of this commitment is by setting ourselves an annual target of helping certain number of people a year. We have a varied programme of community and pro bono activities, which focus on access to justice, access to education and access to finance.

Our clients range from athletes and other vulnerable persons to local community-based organisations to global NGOs, with whom we have developed long-term, strategic relationships. We collaborate with leading businesses who share our values to enhance the support we offer.